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Web Design vs. Web Creation

Anybody not in the website industry could be forgiven for thinking that web design and web creation are the same things. This blog will enlighten readers on the essential differences between the two aspects of building a website. Exciting articles will focus on how web design focuses on the user experience and how the site looks. Whereas web creation is the actual coding that makes a website work. Visitors to this blog will learn about the use of color, typography, images, and layout when designing a website. Web developers will be interested in reading about the different coding languages.

Using Color in a Website

25 Mar 2022

When designing a website, the color scheme should be decided upon from the outset. Ideally, no more than three colors should be used; otherwise, the visual elements will distract visitors from the content. A simple, monochromatic look can be very effective on a website.

The Importance of Typography on a Website

15 Feb 2022

Although it's probably one of the last things that a web designer considers, the use of attractive typography is critical on a website. However, the temptation to use overly dramatic fonts should be avoided as this can be difficult to read, especially on mobile.

Adding Visuals to a Website

14 Jan 2022

Besides having great content, one of the key elements to attract visitors is having captivating visuals on a website. These can be images, infographics, or videos. Try and use unique photographs rather than the free stock images that have been used time and time again.

What is User Experience?

7 Dec 2021

Good user experience is vital when designing a website. It is also a key factor when Google ranks a site to be placed in its search engine results pages. It can actually be as simple as having an easy-to-follow navigation structure or the correct placement of images.