Hypergurl Corel Paint Shop Pro graphic tutorials. Create your own website graphics or sharpen and improve images and photos.

Handy tip : Sometimes when your first starting out with an image program like Corel Paint Shop Pro (also known as Jasc Paint Shop Pro) there are so many options it can seem confusing. This is where online tutorials help you off to a quick start. Not only are you going to learn the basic tools found within Paint Shop but you'll also make some great looking graphics along the way.

Corel Paint Shop Pro Tutorials - website graphics, photo manipulation

Listed below are some tutorials that you can use to learn the basics of Corel Paint Shop Pro and create stunning webpage graphics or manipulate photos. For example, with Paint Shop pro you can easily make 3D navigation bars, bevelled or circular text (great when creating logos) or embossed and engraved website buttons. Even if you don't have a website, PSP has the tools to help you to easily enhance your family photos. For example you simply need to utilise the top toolbars to sharpen photos and make them crisper or fix blurry images or red eye problems.

There are many other great sites on the web who offer psp tutorials. Some will be very similar to the tutorials shown here and some will differ greatly. This is the way that we use Paint Shop Pro, learnt from other tutorial sites and from within the PSP help.

Corel Paint Shop Pro Graphic Tutorials

Each psp tutorial is in a "step by step" format, with extensive screenshots to help you complete the Corel paint shop pro tutorial.

Blending Images
Circlular Text
Clouds from Brushes
Colorizing Photos
Color Replacer Tool
Custom Paint Brushes
Cutout Text
Deformation Tool
Drawing Straight Lines
Exact Resizing of Images
Gold Text
Gradient Backgrounds
Image Text
Making Sparkles
Mask..... Basics
Masks... Blending
PSP Keyboard Shortcuts
Reflective Water
Selective Coloring
Silver Text
Snow Globe
Text Inside Circle
Text Tool
Watermarking Images

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