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Handy Tip: This simple html code will make your web pages look professional on entry and exit. Movies use transitions between scenes and you can use them on your web pages to give a cool effect also.

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Fancy Page Transition

Below is a great and simple piece of html code for a Fancy Page Transition.
You can view a sample by hitting your browsers back and forward button a few times!
The html script will give 23 different page transitions on a random basis.

You will see a different page transition each time your page loads or when you go between pages within your website.

Copy the script below and paste this anywhere between the <head> and </head> tags in your html. To get the transition effect on all pages within your site you must paste the script to every page.

(Page Transitions do not work with Netscape navigator and requires technical manipulation to make work in Homestead sites.)


Smooth Page Transition

If you simply require a single, smooth, soft fade transition, then use this code below. Copy and paste the script into the <head> of your html document.

An example of this script can be found here.


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