Hypergurl Javacript Trailing Cursors. Trailing text or snake cursor which trails a message of your choice behind the cursor pointer.

Handy Tip: Make your text message long enough to get the full effect that this great javascript code offers but not too long so the effect gets scrambled in itself. The text message can be anything you desire so play around until you get what you want.

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Trailing Text Cursor or Snake Cursor

Here is a Trailing Cursor script where a text message trails behind the pointer.
The script works much better with a short message.
This is a 3 stage script to install.

You only need to change the message part in the first section of the javascript. The space behind the message is important. Do not close the gap

First. Copy and paste this part of the script into the <head> of your html document.


The second part goes into the <body>


Finally the third part goes directly into the <body> tag.


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