Online time management games including Sheep Tycoon, Sandwich Dash, Cake Shop game and The Apprentice. Play time management games for free online, no download required.

Online time management games

Time management games lets players manage time, customers and money. The ultimate goal for most time management games is to return a profit within a set time limit, usually one day. One day doesn't equate to a full 24 hours in real time of course. For example, with the game Cake Shop, one day is equal to 1 minute of game play. All games listed are Flash files that require no download and no sign up. Simply load the page and play.

If web site games is what you're looking for, each time management game also includes HTML code so you can add the online game to your own web site.

Shown below is a list of online time management games you can play for free here at Hypergurl. Over time we'll be adding to this list, so don't forget to favoritism this page and check back often :)

sandwich dash time management gameSandwich Dash is an awesome time management game the player gets to run a virtual street store. Fulfill customer orders within a quick time frame. This will ensure you make the target money amount for each level. Customers will only be patient for a certain amount of time before walking away disgruntled.

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play cake shop game Cake Shop is a game where you get to manage and run a virtual cake shop. Keep customers happy by serving them quickly. A happy customer leaves great tips, which allows you to upgrade your equipment and your virtual shop. Each level gets harder as new menu items are introduced. Highly recommended for girls from the ages of 8 to 99!

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play the apprentice game online
The Apprentice game: Ice-cream parlor. Prove to Donald that you have what it takes to run an ice-cream parlor, avoid the dreaded boardroom and ultimately being FIRED!.

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