Hypergurl Highlight Tables on Mouseover Javascript. Useful javascript that highlights tables on rollover of mouse cursor.

Handy Tip: Use whatever methods you can to draw your visitors eyes to important text or links. Professionals have been using those techmiques for years in newspapers and on webpages, so you should apply the same methods to your web pages.

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Highlight Tables on Mouseover

This javascript will highlight a table or tables of your choice on rollover of your mouse cursor. Run your mouse cursor over the column to the right for an example of the script.

Very useful script to catch the visitors eye on something special within the page.

The highlight effect can be applied only to individual tables that you desire, yet certain cells can be omitted by giving that cell an "ID=ignore" command. You are really in control with this script.


Copy and paste the code below, into the <head> of your html document. Nothing to alter in this part of the script.



Copy the code below and paste it into each <table> tag that you want to highlight. Change the colors to suit, ie "lightgreen" and "white" In this instance, lightgreen will be the highlight color applied to the table on mouseover and white is the normal color of the background.

To exclude any cell(s) from the rollover effect, simply give that cell an id="ignore" declaration, inserted inside the table cell like this ...

<table onMouseover=.... onMouseout=....>
<td id="ignore">

That's it ! Enjoy!

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