Hypergurl Corel Paint Shop Pro Tubes. PSP Sparkle Tubes.

Handy Tip : Paint Shop Pro sparkle tubes are amongst the most popular tubes for download. It seems everyone is after sparkles, flares or stars to compliment their graphic creations.

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Click on your selection and save the zip file to your hard drive.

In the selection we not only have sparkle tubes but there are also smoke tubes, fire tubes, snowflake tubes, puffball tubes and halo tubes.

Like to learn how to make your own sparkles. Click Here for a sparkles tutorial.

flames    smoke    stars         sun sparkle
Fire Tubes                    Smoke Tube            Star Tubes            Orange Spoke

blue sparkle    orange flare         snowflakes      white flare
Blue Spike Tube    Orange Flare Tube    Snowflake Tubes   White Flare Tube

yellow sparkle               puffball        red flare
Orange Spike Flare       Yellow Puffball         Mauve Flare Tube

single silver sparkle                       multi silver sparkle           orange puffball
Silver Spike Tube               Silver Star Tube          Orange Puffball Tube

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