Hypergurl Snowmaker Javascript. Make Snow Fall on Webpage. Falling Snow Javascript.

Handy Tip : Falling snow on webpages gives a fantastic effect with a Christmas theme and is a much sought after code. This is one of the easiest scrips to install with no images required. Simply copy and paste the code directly into your webpage.

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Snowmaker Javascript

Make snow fall on your webpage this Christmas!

Here is a great falling snow javascript that doesn't need images uploaded to your server. It uses font types to make the snowflake images which makes it easier for users to install to their websites.

It is a one step script which you place into your webpage straight after the <body> tag.

Configure the variables at the top of the script to set the number of snowflakes, the colors, fonts and speed. Nothing else needs configuring.


Copy and paste the falling snow javascript below after the <body> tag of your html.

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