Hypergurl Java Scripts How to make snow fall on webpage. This javascript makes falling snow on webpage. The script is easy to install and makes a great Christmas snow webpage.

Handy Tip : Using javascript code allows you to do many different things on a webpage that gives special effects and can enhance a webpages basic theme. Snow code gives a winter effect which is great around Christmas season.

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How to make falling snow on webpages with this snow javascript

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Snow can fall on your webpages by adding this free javascript code right after the <body> tag in your pages html.


Copy and paste the javascript below into your html source directly below the <body> tag.



You will need to save this graphic to your hard drive, then upload it to your server. Please do not link the graphic to Hypergurl.

To save it...right click on the image, then choose "save picture as" or "save image as". You can choose to use a different snow graphics and up to 6 different snow images. Change the snow.gif in the where we have commented within the script to the name of your new graphic.

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