Hypergurl Search Page Javascript. Easy to install search this page javascript. Allow your website visitors to search this page for a specific word or sentence.

Handy Tip : Giving your visitor the ability to search your site is a good addition to all web pages and helps your visitor cut down time sifting through the content to find what they want.

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Search Page Javascript

This easy to install search page script places a "search this page" function on your webpage.

The search this page javascript is very useful if you have a large page of text or products, which will make it much easier for your visitor to find exactly what they are looking for.

When a word or phrase is searched, the search page script will highlight the first found match. Clicking on the find button again will highlight the next match and so on. A search word not found will activate an alert box. Try it out above, I'm sure you will like what you see.

There is nothing at all that you have to change within the search page script.


Copy and paste the code below within the <head> of your html document.


Copy and paste the code below into your html document where you want the find box to appear on your webpage.

Original script by javascript.internet.com


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