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Scary games to play online

Scary games including Grave Shift, Bad Moon Rising, Ghost Trap, Skullicious and Sling-O-Ween. There is something here for everyone, whether your into isometric platformers, shoot-em-ups, puzzle challenges, games requiring a keen eye and skilled hand, or a bit of mindless fun like bouncing a skull in the air for as long as possible. These online games will be sure to keep the whole family amused not only on Halloween, but all year round.

Play grave shift game This game is an isometric platformer with an adventure story to boot. Help 'Arimose the Brave' destroy the Warlock’s Minions and reclaim the King's stolen treasure.

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Play bad moon rising game Bad Moon Rising is a shoot-em up style game, where you need to shine a torch in the graveyard creatures eyes to send them back to the darkness. Submit your high scores to an Internet leader board against other players.

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online santa game Ghost Trap is a puzzle game recommended for adults and kids aged 10 and upward. The overall goal of this free Internet game is to put players problem solving skills to the test. Gamers need to trap as many ghosts as possible by filling out a playing area. Personally, I find it to be quite addictive and challenging as you progress through the levels.

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Play bouncing skull game Bouncing skull game where the player needs to keep the skull off the ground for as long as possible without dropping it.

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Play Sling-O-Ween Sling-O-Ween is a swinging pumpkin game from the same creators as Lenny Loosejocks. It's best described as a halloween game where you need to sling the pumpkin from one space rock to the next, collecting candy and avoiding ghosts along the way.

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