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Handy Tip : A printer friendly page is really just a page with text, no images, graphics, navigation or advertising.

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Print this page javascript!

Javascript that automatically prints the page when your visitor clicks the button.

(How to make a printer friendly page.)
To make a page printer friendly, simply make a copy of the page and leave out unwanted text and graphics, then link to that printer friendly page from the original. For example, to make this page printer friendly, I would leave out the top, side and bottom navigations on the copy and have a link on this page saying "click here for printer friendly page".)

Place the script below within your body tags or use the "insert html" option of your editor.

  • To highlight the script, press ctr+a or drag your mouse from beginning to end.
  • To copy press ctr+c.
  • To paste ctr+v.

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