Play war games such as tower defense, samurai fighting, platform or first person shooting games.

Play war games

Who said playing war games can't be fun! If you only have time to play one game, make sure you check out Squirt Man. Squirt Man is a shooting game that takes on a new spin as far as paintball fighting is concerned. Also lots of fun and highly recommended is a Japanese style war game called Straw Hat Samurai. This samurai war game is one of tactics and skill, sure to keep both kids and adults amused for hours. Finally, for those after a real challenge, we've also included a tower defense game called Lord Of War.

War games to play online

Shown below are a few free war games for you to play online. Game code is also supplied on their respective pages for those who'd like to add them to their own web site.

play lord of war game'Lord Of War' is a tower defense (td) game where the objective is to place towers in strategic positions to stop the 10 different creeps or enemies from completing their path. Tower defense games are always challenging and recommended for everyone. However, BEWARE, they can also be very addictive!

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samurai fighting game This is a classic Samurai game where you slash your way through endless enemies to victory. The developer of this game targeted it towards teenagers. However, I also found myself revisiting this one often, so would also recommend adults to give it a try as well.

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squirt man paint ball platform game Squirt Man is a shooting game that takes paintball to the extreme. The world as we know it has been devastated and everyone turned into horrible mutants. It's a battle for survival where you have to help Squirt Man shoot everything and anything in his way to survive the nuclear holocaust. Highly recommended for everyone! Fun platformer game I could play for hours, 3 levels of difficulty. If you can only play one online game today, make it this one :)

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Play hit Bush with shoe game Hit Bush with shoe game. Free online political game where you get to take aim and throw a few shoes at President Bush.

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