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Tycoon games

Tycoon games are simulation games where the main object is make as much money as you can while building up a virtual empire. It is considered one of the most popular genre's in the gaming industry, making their developers literally millions of dollars. If you are starting out as a games developer, this genre is definately worth looking into.

A couple of popular Tycoon games that you've most likely played throughout the years include Rollercoaster and Railroad Tycoon. Nowadays with Adobe Flash, actionscript developers are making popular games like Fish Tycoon, Cinema Tycoon, and many others. Even Hot Dog Bush could be considered a tycoon game as one of the objects is to make a profit and upgrade the hot dog stand. After all, every entrepreneur starts somewhere, right?

Free tycoon games to play online

Shown below are a few free games for you to play online here at Hypergurl. As we find others we enjoy playing ourselves, we'll add them to the list, so check back often. In the meantime, these three will give you plenty of hours of fun and entertainment. Enjoy!

sheep tycoonAwesome tycoon game where you help farmer Ollie make as much milk, cheese and butter as possible within a certain time frame.

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Hot Dog Bush

Hot Dog Bush is a game where you help George W. Bush run a hot dog stand. The more he profits for each day, the faster he upgrades his street stand.

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cinema tycoon

Cinema Tycoon is another addictive game where the player builds a cinema into a mega entertainment center. As the game player, it's your task to choose the movies and set the ticket prices.

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Fish Tycoon

How about testing your entrepreneurial skills by running your own fish store? Fish Tycoon is a simulation where the object is to profit through the breeding and selling of fish.

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