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Virtual Villagers is a real time simulation game that's been around since July 2006. From a games player perspective, the point of Virtual Villagers is to guide the villagers through their island life. In other words, it's a simulation of life on an island.

Virtual Villagers A New Home, starts the story off with a volcanic eruption that forces the villagers off their home land and towards Isola Island, where it's your job as the player to help them rebuild their community.

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Game design plan from a developers point of view

virtual villagers

Creating a game design plan is always recommended to ensure the creator has a clear objective in mind before they start to code the actionscript (Adobe Flash). Shown below is an example of how to make a game design plan if you wanted to create a game similar to Virtual Villagers.

Note: This is not the design plan the developers of Virtual Villagers A New Home used when making this sim game. It's merely a reverse-engineer of a game design plan based on my experiences as a player.

Title: Virtual Villagers A New Home

Developers: Last Day of Work

One sentence description: Real time simulation game where you have to help villages build up their island community.

Scenario / World: An island similar to Hawaii.

Mode: Single Player

Objectives: To teach a tribe of virtual people the basics of survival like collecting food, building houses, as well as skilling or educating themselves for a better future.

Characters: Numerous virtual villagers who go by the names of Biko, Vanui, Sekai, Maiya, Naki and many others as the population grows. There are also babies and children.

Audio / visual aesthetics:


Possible Target Audience: 7 - 70 year olds. In other words suitable for everyone.

Itemization of game elements:

Itemization of game rules:

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