Speed Warrior car game with 3 modes of play. 'Raceway' is arcade style car racing, 'Drift' requires a smooth ride for high scoring, where as 'Escape' will see you speeding around with numerous police cars in pursuit.

Speed Warrior car game

Speed Warrior is a car racing game aimed towards the older gamer, such as teenagers or adults. Driving technique comes into play with this game, as the controls are very responsive. There are 3 challenging modes, raceway, drift and escape. Raceway is an arcade style mode that requires the player to win each course before the next is unlocked.

Drift mode is where true driving technique is useful. In drift mode the game player needs to complete each round with the smoothest possible ride. Hitting barriers won't gain you any extra points in drift mode. Escape mode on the otherhand is where the real fun begins as the gamer plays a game of cat and mouse with police cars in pursuit. Detailed graphics, highly recommended!

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Hints and tips on how to play 'Speed Warrior' car game

Move Left - KEY LEFT
Move Right - KEY RIGHT
Speed Up - KEY UP
Pause Game - Press P on keyboard

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Game design plan

Shown below is an example of how to make a design plan if you wanted to create a car racing game similar to 'Speed Warrior'.

Note: This is not the design plan the developer of 'Speed Warrior' used when creating this car game. It's merely a reverse-engineer of a game design plan based on my experiences as a player.


Speed Warrior

Actual Developers:


One sentence description:

Free online car racing game with 3 modes of play, raceway, drift and escape.

Scenario / World:

The game scenario is set on a street style raceway.


Single Player


3 separate objectives depending on the mode of play. Raceway mode involves racing around the track in as fast a time as possible and be the first to finish. Drift mode tests your skills, allowing you to gain a higher score for a smooth ride. While escape mode has the player driving away from police cars in pursuit.


The main characters / playable objects in the game are the racing cars.

Audio / visual aesthetics:

Graphics are very detailed, arcade in style. The game implements a top down approach in that the player views the cars as if from above.

There is background music and sounds that the player can turn on or off at the introductory page under the heading 'Options'.


car racing, motor racing, driving, sports, arcade

Possible Target Audience:

More targeted towards males due to the content being car racing. Suitable for older kids, teen and adults.

Itemization of game elements:

Game is played with the pressing of keyboard arrow keys, space bar and a few others.

There are 3 game modes, raceway, drift and escape.

The introductory page has a menu of choices for the player:

  • Play Game - starts game
  • Options - allows the player to turn sound on or off
  • More Games - takes you to the developers website (practise highly recommended from developers viewpoint)
  • High Scores - allows the player to view all the current high scores that have been submitted by other gamers (also good idea for encouraging return visitors to your game website).
  • About - gives the player some background as to who developed the game, the version, date it was published etc.

When the game player presses 'Play Game', they enter their name then choose a section / tournament. Then they can choose a car before starting the game.

Left side GUI (graphic user interface) the player can see what lap they are currently driving and a map of the course.

The right side GUI displays your race position, elapsed time and how fast your going.

Side railings stop the player driving off track.

If the player doesn't win the round, they are given a choice to replay.

To progress through different tracks, the player must win each round.



Itemization of game rules:

In 'raceway' mode:

  • Race other cars around the track as fast as possible and come first to score highly.

In 'drift' mode:

  • Try not to crash into walls.
  • Try some drifting moves. Keeping in a drifting state will earn multiple bonus points.

when playing 'escape' mode:

  • Colliding with police cars, damages your car.
  • Colliding with civilian cars will draw attraction from police.
  • You will be cross haired by a sniper if there are more than 4 sheriff badges.


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