'Ultimate Flash Sonic' is a sonic platform game to play online for free. No download required or software to purchase.

Play Sonic games online for free

Sonic games have been hugely popular in the days of earlier consoles and it's easy to see why. Anyone who enjoys playing 'Sonic The Hedgehog' will enjoy this online version of Ultimate Flash Sonic. Game players can choose between 4 different characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Cream. Sonic is the hedgehog those familiar with the console game will recognize instantly. Girls in particular would enjoy playing the cute character of 'Cream' the rabbit.

The objective of this online Sonic game is to reach the end of each platform as swiftly as possible, collecting numerous items along the way, while avoiding the bad guys including spikes, falling coconuts and flying bee's. Definitely a game to favorite and play often.

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Quick hints and tips on how to play Ultimate Flash Sonic

  • Mouse click left and right buttons to move along the platform. To jump Sonic press the keyboard spacebar.

  • You can also spin by holding the down arrow on your keyboard, pressing the space bar, then releasing the down arrow. This takes a bit of practice, yet is really useful once you get the hang of it.

  • If you ever need to pause your game, simply press the keyboards ENTER button.

Game design plan from a developers point of view

Shown below is an example of how a designer would go about creating a game plan if they wanted to create a game similar to Ultimate Flash Sonic. From a developers viewpoint, Ultimate Flash Sonic is one of the smoothest platform games I've ever come across. The game elements are well set out giving the Sonic Flash version a high playability rating. The quality is one that every Flash game developer should aim for in their own projects.

This is not the design plan the developer of this flash version of sonic the hedgehog used when making this platform game. It's merely a reverse-engineer of a game design plan based on my experiences as a player. You'll notice all the online games we have listed on Hypergurl have similar plans. We are intending on using them for our Flash development tutorials in the near future.


Ultimate Flash Sonic

Actual Developers:


One sentence description:

An Adobe Flash version of Sonic The Hedgehog to play online.

Scenario / World:

Similar to all Sonic games where the scenario is set in the outdoors amongst mountain terrain, with plenty of trees to run up on to and cliffs to jump over.


Single Player


There are two scenario's. A main game and a time trial. In the time trial you play against the clock to reach the end of each platform level, trying to overtake the best achieved time. In the main game, the objective is to gain as high of a score as possible by collecting objects and finishing each section quickly.


Much like 'Sonic The Hedgehog' console game, the main character in this Flash version is also the hedgehog. However, players can choose between 4 characters ie. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Cream.

Audio / visual aesthetics:

The graphics are true to form in that they are exactly how they are seen in Sonic console games. ie. They are very colorful, not too over detailed, pixilated in style. Anyone who has played the console game will relate to the Flash version immediately.

Audio is fun and fast moving. Once again, true to form when comparing it to the console game.



Possible Target Audience:


Itemization of game elements:

Game is played with the keyboard.

The introductory screen displays numerous choices to Start Game, Options, Passwords and Cheats.

The 'Options' allows the player to change FX and Music volume. FX is heard when the player collects coins or runs into objects etc. The Music option relates to the background sound that is heard when playing the game. If the player doesn't want to hear the background music, then they need to turn the 'Music Volume' to zero.

The password allows the player to save their game so no one can overwrite it.

There are no cheats currently available for this Sonic Flash game.

When the player clicks on Start game, they are shown a second screen that has the following options:

  • Main Game
  • Time Trial
  • Back (as in back to the introductory screen)

A third screen gives the player the option of 4 playing characters from which to choose.

The game starts with one choice of platforms to complete. The first platform is called 'Leaf Forest' where they start off in 'Chill Gardens'. Players progress through numerous scenarios.



Itemization of game rules:

Scores are determined by how quickly each platform level is completed and how many objects are collected along the way.

Run into baddies and you die and the game starts over again.



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