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Quick Racer car game

Quick Racer is a car game to play for free online. The game scenario is set on a traditional car racing, formula one style track. It's quick to load and smooth to play. The cars are viewed as though the player is looking down on them from above which is really effective for a fun online racing game that requires little detail. When playing Quick Racer, keep to the road as this will see you finish within a fast time, which in turn adds to your overall score tally.

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Hints and tips on how to play 'Quick Racer' car game

Press keyboard arrow keys to drive the car around the racing track. 'Up' arrow makes the car go. Press the 'Left' and 'Right' arrow keys to navigate in different directions. Keep to the tarmac, driving on the grass will slow the car down drastically.

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Game design plan

Shown below is an example of how to make a design plan if you wanted to create a car racing game similar to 'Quick Racer'.

Note: This is not the design plan the developer of 'Quick Racer' used when creating this online game. It's merely a reverse-engineer of a game design plan based on my experiences as a player.


Quick Racer

Actual Developers:


One sentence description:

Car racing around numerous lap tracks.

Scenario / World:

The game scenario is set on a traditional car racing / formula track.


Single Player


Test your driving skills against other cars (ie the computer) to win the race.


The main character (if you can call it that) is the car that the game player controls.

Audio / visual aesthetics:

Graphics are colorful and detailed nicely, especially considering it's a fast loading Internet Flash game. The cars are seen as though the player is looking down on them from above.

When the car the player is racing collides with another car, you can see a flash of light. However, oddly there is no penalty for this. Personally I would have subtracted from the overall score as a penalty.

There is background music with no option to turn it off. You also hear a sound when two cars collide.


car racing, motor racing, driving, sports

Possible Target Audience:

Aimed at boys due to the content being car racing.

Itemization of game elements:

Game is played with the pressing of keyboard arrow keys.

The introductory page allows the player to choose between 3 different cars, each with their own advantages when it comes to performance and speed. It also has a 'Help' button so the player can view how to play the game.

The game starts immediately after the player presses the 'Start' button.

The bottom GUI displays Fuel usage, Score obtained, a Timer and the current Lap being raced.




Itemization of game rules:

Race around the track as fast as possible and win each lap to score highly.

Don't forget to refuel the car during the race.

Keep to the tarmac. Driving on the grass slows the car down.



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