Mario World 3 is an online tribute to the classic Mario games by Nintendo. Play Mario World 3 online here for free.

Mario World 3 Game

Mario World 3 is an online tribute game based on the infamous Mario video game series by Nintendo. It features 3 worlds, with 3 levels. Just like the Nintendo Mario series, players need to help Mario fight his way through hordes of enemies and save the princess. You're the only hope to save the mushroom kingdom!

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Quick hints and tips on how to play 'Mario World 3' game

  • Keyboard arrows for movement: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT
  • A key to run
  • S key to jump
  • Space key to pause

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Game design plan from a developers point of view

Note: This is not the design plan the developer of 'Mario World 3' used when making this online Flash game. It's merely a reverse-engineer of a game design plan based on my experiences as a player.


Mario World 3

One sentence description:

Mario World 3 is a generic platformer, just like the classic mario games by Nintendo.

Scenario / World:

The game is set in the mountains of Mario World 3.


Single Player


Progress through one level to the next by collecting coins, hidden powerups, and killing enemies.


The main playing character is Mario.

Audio / visual aesthetics:

The visual aesthetics are vector style, exactly like the classic Mario games by Nintendo. As is the music. The game developer does give credit to Nintendo by this statement along the very top of the introductory screen: All Graphics / Characters / Sounds / Music by Nintendo. He also calls it a tribute to Nintendo and their Mario series. Hence the audio and visual aesthetics having very little difference.


platform, mario, action, adventure

Possible Target Audience:

Suitable for everyone who enjoys platform mario games.

Itemization of game elements:

The introductory screen offers the player 4 options:

  1. Start game - Begin Mario World 3 game.
  2. Load game - Load a previously saved game.
  3. Options - Displays playing keys. Also offers the player a choice to turn music and sounds on or off.
  4. Play more games - Takes the player to the developers website for more games.

Starting the game displays a short storyline before taking the player through a quick one level tutorial.

The top toolbar displays how many Mario lives are left, the level currently being played, as well as the overall score and how many coins have been collected.

At the end of each level, it congratulates the player, displays the score achieved, as well as how many enemies were killed and powerups found. It then says to press any key to progress. Personally I found this specific overlay style not obvious enough. It tends to blend in with the game background and the player really has to look hard to see what's going on. Although the words, 'Press any key to continue' does flash on and off, which draws your eye to it. once you see it the first time, you realize what to do there on after.

As with Nintendo Mario, the turtle shells will come back and knock you out if your not careful. So make sure you jump over those.

A few of the tubes have hidden area's so the player needs to stand on each of them and press the keyboard 'down' arrow to enter them.


Itemization of game rules:

Kill enemies by jumping on their head.

Survive longer by avoiding spikes, lava and other dangerous things.

Jump up and hit blocks from below to collect coins and hidden powerups.

Collect powerups and coins to get a high score.

Kill lots of enemies will also obtain higher scores.


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