Play jumping Santa game, 'Boing Boing Santa'. Keep Santa bouncing around by mouse clicking him. If he hits the ground the game ends.

Jumping santa game - Boing Boing Santa

The objective of this jumping Santa game, is keep the jolly fellow off the freezing snow by mouse clicking him while he's bouncing around. Each time you click on Santa, a score of 1 is added to the overall tally. Players can gain extra bonus points by clicking on the falling presents. As soon as you miss and let Santa hit the ground, the game is over.

I found Boing Boing Santa lots of fun. The music and 'HO HO HO's' that Santa lets off every time you click on him also keeps players in the festive spirit. Highly recommended for kids or adults who want a quick break or fast 5 minute game.

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Hints and tips on how to play 'Boing Boing Santa' game

Game play is via a series of Mouse clicks. Mouse click on Santa to keep him off the ground. Mouse click falling presents to gain extra bonus points.

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Christmas Game design plan

Shown below is an example of how to make a design plan if you wanted to create an online Christmas / Santa game.

Please Note: This game design plan is merely a reverse-engineer of my experiences as a player.


Boing Boing Santa

Actual Developers:

Terry Paton

One sentence description:

An online Christmas game where you need to help Santa stay off the cold wet snow for as long as possible by clicking on him while he's in the air.

Scenario / World:

The game scenario is set in a snowy alpine village, possibly the North Pole.


Single Player. However you can submit your score to an Internet leader board.


Keep Santa off the cold wet snow for as long as possible, while at the same time collecting any presents seen for extra bonus points.


The main viewable character in the game is Santa.

Audio / visual aesthetics:

Graphics are bold in design with thick outlines and shadowing for details.

The background music is Christmas in theme, placing the player in a festive mood :) It can be turned on or off at any time by tugging on the music icon seen at the top right corner.

Each time the player clicks on Santa, he lets out a loud HO HO HO. This sound can also be turned on or off by tugging the 'sound' icon seen at the top right corner.


Christmas, action

Possible Target Audience:


Itemization of game elements:

The first screen for the game gives the player 3 options:

  1. Play - starts the Santa game
  2. Help - displays instructions on how to play the game
  3. Scores - displays a list of Internet high scores

Mouse click on Santa to start game and he will start bouncing around.

Middle top GUI displays the players total score.

Right top GUI displays options to turn music and sound on or off.

When the game ends, extra elements include a 'Home' icon which takes the player back to the first Introductory screen. There is also a 'submit' score button and 3 achievement locks that will be either locked or unlocked, depending on how far in the game the player advanced.


Itemization of game rules:

Keep Santa off the snow for as long as you can by mouse clicking on him. Each click adds 1 to the overall score.

If Santa touches the ground, the game is over.

Mouse click the presents as they fall for extra bonus points.


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