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FMX Team motocross game

FMX Team is a Freestyle motocross game that you can play online for free. The trick to this one is to do as tricks as possible along the way so you can achieve each levels task. For example, in the first level the task is to achieve a score of 200. Simply riding through the level won't give you enough points to complete it successfully.

You also need to do a few air tricks along the way. When playing the motorcross game, if you look to the left side of the screen, you will see a list of keyboard buttons to press for tricks. Each level has it's own set of unique tricks. Highly recommended! Graphics are detailed and plays realistically.

If free website content is what your after, you'll find HTML code further down this page. Simply copy and paste the code into the HTML of your webpage to play FMX Team directly from your own website.

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Hints and tips on how to play FMX Team motocross game

UP arrow to drive forward - DOWN arrow to brake or slow down - LEFT and RIGHT arrows to lean forward or backward - 1, 2, or 3 numeral keys for tricks - SPACE key to pause game

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Game design plan from a developers point of view

FMX TeamDesign plans help game creators to have a clear objective in mind before they start to code the actionscript (Adobe Flash). Shown below is an example of how to make a design plan if you wanted to create a motocross game similar to FMX Team.

Note: This is not the design plan the developer of FMX Team used when making this motocross game. It's merely a reverse-engineer of a game design plan based on my experiences as a player.

Title: FMX Team

One sentence description: A FMX motocross game.

Scenario / World: The game scenario is set on a dirt track in numerous settings. For example the first level is along an ocean road.

Mode: Single Player. However can submit scores and compete with other players for top place.

Objectives: Ride your motocross bike, doing as many tricks as possible to gain extra points. Each level has a set number of qualification points to achieve before gaining access to the next area.

Characters: The main character is the motocross rider. He's designed to stay on his bike at all times.

Audio / visual aesthetics:


Possible Target Audience: Suitable for everyone. Possibly more geared towards males considering the sport / motobike riding genre. FMX games are always popular with the boys.

Itemization of game elements:

Game is played with the keyboard.Trick keyboard buttons are displayed at all times on the upper left side. I find this helpful as a player.

Introduction page displays choices for the player to choose from including:

When you start a 'New Game' you need to type in your name and press OK.

The second screen allows you to choose a motobike. Each bike has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages.

On the main screen, GUI elements include buttons on the lower left to stop and start music / Pause and start game. Along the top it tells you what level your currently playing, your score, and how much time you have left.

Itemization of game rules:

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