Play Diner Dash 3 Flo on the Go online for free, no download. Diner Dash 3 is a continuation on from the popular Diner Dash simulation games available for free online.

Diner Dash 3 - Flo on the Go online game

Diner Dash 3, Flo on the Go is a continuation from the earlier releases of these popular sim games called Diner Dash (1) and Diner Dash 2 Restaurant Rescue. The storyline starts with a waitress called Flo boarding her dream job, working in the restaurant of a cruise ship. In this third series you need to help Flo keep customers happy by serving them as fast as she can. As the player, you also need to pick an appropriate place to seat your customers, track the orders, serve the food, hand out checks and clear the dishes.

The great thing about Diner Dash 3, is that it keeps the players interest up by giving them a number of different activities to do throughout the game. For example if you receive enough tips, you can choose new clothes for Flo including shirts, skirts and sandals. Generate enough profit and you can upgrade things like chairs and tables etc as well.

Diner Dash 3 will definitely give you many hours of fun. Highly recommended for times when you need a bit of a chill out!

Unfortunately Diner Dash 3 is no longer available as an online game :/

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Quick hints and tips on how to play the game - Diner Dash 3

Find the objects that need to interact with each other and mouse click on them. For instance, mouse clicking dirty dishes, followed by the basin, will make Flo put them in the tub for washing.

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Game design plan from a developers point of view

Diner Dash 3
Shown below is an example of a game design plan that is often used to help game developers get a clear objective in mind before they start to code the actionscript (Adobe Flash). These plans found on all our game pages, will be used for discussion purposes within our Adobe Flash tutorials that we will be starting in the near future.

Note: This is not the design plan the developers of Diner Dash 3 Flo on the Go used when making this free online simulation game. It's merely a reverse-engineer of a game design plan based on my experiences as a player.

Title: Diner Dash Flo on the Go (3rd in the series)

Developers of Diner Dash 3 Flo on the Go:

GameLab - Gamelab specializes in single player and multi player online games, but also have designed for a variety of platforms on and off the computer.

One sentence description: Simulation game where you help a waitress named Flo work through the trials and tribulations of working in a restaurant on board a cruise ship.

Scenario / World: The scenario for the online sim game is set within the restaurant of a holiday cruise ship.

Mode: Single Player

Objectives: Keep customers happy and run a smooth restaurant to advance to the next level.


Audio / visual aesthetics:


Possible Target Audience: Suitable for everyone. Probably more aimed towards females due to the waitress career involved.

Itemization of game elements:

Game is played with mouse clicks.

The introduction page shows Flo boarding the holiday / cruise ship. The player is given 6 options.

  1. Story mode - tells the story as you go.
  2. Endless Shift - play without the story line being explained.
  3. Flo's closet - choose from the latest clothing range for Flo to wear.
  4. How to play - instructions on how to play.
  5. High scores - compare your scores against others around the globe.
  6. Mute all sounds - audio settings.
  7. Free download - download full version.

Tables for customers to sit on.

Numerous customers.

Free download and pause button seen on lower right of main screen.

Top right corner displays what level you're currently playing, profits obtained, goal you need to reach and how long till closing time.

Itemization of game rules:

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