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Cake Shop

Cake Shop is a time management game where you run a virtual shop. The faster you serve customers, the more tips they leave, the quicker you improve your shop with daily profits.

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Hints and tips on how to play

Mouse click the ingredients to combine them. Then mouse click the customer to pass the order over.

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Game design plan

cake shop game
Shown below is an example of how to make a design plan if you wanted to create a time management game similar to 'Cake Shop'.


Title: Cake Shop

Scenario / World: The game scenario is set in a virtual cake shop.

Mode: Single Player

Objectives: You have a set amount of time each day to return a profit from your shop by serving as many customers as possible. Profits are used to upgrade your shop and ultimately build a house.

Characters: The main characters in the game are the customers.

Audio / visual aesthetics:


Possible Target Audience: Targeted towards girls.

Itemization of game elements:

When the game first loads the player will see the entrance to the shop, where they are given four options:

  1. Continue game - to continue a game that has already been started. You will see this option if you have already played the game earlier.
  2. Start new game - begins a totally new game.
  3. Options - allows the game player to change the music and sound settings, higher or lower.
  4. Download full version - takes the player to the game developers web site to download the full game.

The first time you play the game, there is a short instructional walk through explaining what to do. After that you're on your own.

The top GUI displays the total amount of profit made for the day. It also has a button link back to the main menu.

On the left wall, there is a clock. This is your guide as to how much time you have left for any current day / level.

When the day is finished you are shown a tally board. This tally will display sales, tips and total earnings. It also shows you what the service was like ie terrible or good, based on tips customers paid. It then tells you how many customers you served that particular day and has a continue button.

Each day introduces a new menu item, for example, coffee, icecream, fairy floss, soft drink etc.

Itemization of game rules:

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