Hypergurl News Ticker Javascript. Scrolling effect message updater.

Handy Tip : News tickers place scrolling text across webpages and can give any messages that the webmaster would like to convey to visitors. News tickers are a great way to catch the attention of the guest, but dont have more that one scroling text javascript to a page as this becomes overkill and can have an adverse effect.

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News Ticker javascript

This has to be the best "news ticker" javascript there is! The scrolling effect message updater is superb, the font styles can be changed to suit, as can be the colors, links can be inserted into the messages and to top it all off, you can insert as many messages as you desire.

Don't wait, grab the code and place the scrolling message news ticker javascript on your website now!


Copy the code in the text area below and place this into the <head> of your html document.

Changing the text appearance:

To change the font color, go to the code in Step 1. Find the line in the stylesheet section: #whatsnew a{color:730073;text-decoration:none} near the bottom of the code, and change 730073 to another color .

To change the font type, find the line: #whatsnew, #temp {font-weight:bold; font-family:Arial} and change "Arial" to another font type.


Into the body tag place the event handler: onLoad="begin()"
<body onLoad="begin()">


Copy the code below and place this between the <body> and </body> tags where you want the news ticker to appear on your webpage. It is best to insert the code into tables. (See notes below.)

Adding additional messages:
By default, the Updater accomodates 5 messages. You can add additional messages if required.

Inside the code of Step 3, you see: " tickers[0]='This is message 0' tickers[1]='This is message 1' " To add additional messages, simply add more of tickers[0]='This is message 0' with "0" changed to reflect the number of the current message.

Subsequently, you can delete messages simply by removing it from the list.

Note 1: As mentioned in Step , you should insert the News Updater in a table column that has a controlled width (like in the demo). This is due to the fact that the Updater automatically expands to span the entire width of whatever is containing it. Inserting it in open space (as opposed to a table column) means the Updater will span the entire width of the document, which can overide other content..

Note 2: The News Updater was designed for IE 4.x...all other browsers will simply see no text at all, as if the Updater didn't exist. You can add in alternate HTML text to be shown for these browsers by inserting it in the location documented in the code in Step 3.

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