Hypergurl Paint Shop Pro Tutorial. What are masks? Masks are like a stencil. This tutorial explains making and using basic masks in PSP

Handy Tip : Many people find working with masks confusing yet once you master the idea of masks they can make your graphic projects easier.


The easiest way to explain what are masks is that they are like a stencil.

For example, if you make a circle in the center of a square piece of cardboard, then cut out the circle, you could place that piece of cardboard on another object and spray paint a circle.

Masks allow you to blend one picture into another, just the same as "spray painting" with a stencil.

Let's have a quick look at how this is done.


First you need to make a mask.

Open a New Image. For this tutorial we will use the following dimensions.
300 x 300
White background
16 Million Colors


Add a new Layer
Layers || New Raster Layer

Select the Flood Fill Tool. Set your Foreground Color to Black and flood fill your image.


Click on the Selection Tool and apply the following settings.

Selection Type = Ellipse
Feather = 10
Antialias = Uncheck

Draw an Ellipse shape on your image, then hit the "Delete Key"

Deselect the image (CTRL + D) and merge layers.

Layers || Merge || Merge All (Flatten)


Open up an image you would use. Anything will do, so we will use the Rainbow image here.


You activate the mask like this.

Click on

Masks || New || From Image
This Window || Image1

Check Source Luminance.



And the mask is applied to your image.

If you want the transparent hole in the middle, and the outer to contain the image, check "Invert Mask".

This was a basic introduction to masks. In the next mask tutorial you will learn how to blend one photo into another.


It is a good idea to save your mask image so it can be used again at a later time.

To save your mask, click on the mask image to make it the active selection. Click on Selections and select all to place the marching Ants around the image..

Now click on Masks || Save to Disk

Highlight the Masks folder within the PSP folder.

Name your mask and hit OK.

The mask will be saved into the masks folder as a PSP .sel file. Whenever you want to use the mask you click on masks ||


Why not save the one I have made here?

You will need this mask for the next tutorial.

Blending With Masks

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