Hypergurl Link Description on Mouseover Javascript. On mouseover of a link a description of the link appears in the status bar.

Handy Tip : New browsers do not support status bar scripts as the code used a hole to apply the script which has now been closed.

Link Description in Status Bar on Mouseover

This simple script will give a description of your links on mouseover which appears in your visitors status bar down the bottom of the browser. You can apply this link description rollover script to as many links on the webpage that you desire.

Mouseover these links for an example.

CSS Scripts

The link rollover description script is simple to install. Nothing to change in the first step and it is easy to configure the message within the second step. If you can't see this example in your status bar, your browser doesn't support this script. (New IE browsers do not support status bar scripts).


Copy and paste the script below into the <head> of your html document. Nothing to change.


Copy and paste the script within the text box below where you want to place each link. The red text is where to make the changes. Put in the url for the link. Change the message for the status bar to suit and change the link name to suit.

<A HREF="http://www.yoursite.com" onMouseOver="a('STATUS BAR MESSAGE GOES HERE');return true" onMouseOut="b()">LINK NAME</A>

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