Kids games for all ages. Both boys and girls will enjoy playing these online games. No download necessary. Extremely fun and addictive, yet educational at the same time.

Kids games

Free kids games, suitable for children aged 7 - 12 years of age. Fun, challenging, and as some would argue, educational. For example, Pupzzle helps build problem solving skills, while Monkey Safari on the other hand, works on reflexes. Hedgehog Challenge and Mr and Mrs Chimps will help in both area's of problem solving and reflexes, yet at the same time are extremely fun and addictive.

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Listed below are some free games you can either play online here at Hypergurl, or add to your own website using the code that is supplied on each page.

Pupzzle - puppy game for kidsPupzzle is a game where the player needs to solve puzzles by mouse clicking objects and locations to progress from one level the next. Helps to build problem solving skills. Reminds me a little of hidden object games. If you get stuck, there is a Pupzzle walkthrough on utube.

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monkey safari gameMonkey Safari is like Donkey Kong, only better. Catch falling bananas, while avoiding the bees and angry dogs.

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hedgehog game for kids
This hedgehog challenge game for kids is one that adults will also find extremely addictive. I know I do :) Don't let the cute graphics fool you. This game is as challenging and addictive as Icy Tower (downloadable PC game) and Doodle Jump (iPhone game). Definitely one you'll keep coming back to time and again.

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chimp game Mr and Mrs Chimps is such a cute game, I decided to add it to the kids section, even though it could just as easily have been at home under a valentine theme. For parents, it's a light hearted look at how love can be a dangerous game. For kids, it's a simple game where they need to help Mr Chimp swing across vines, collecting banana's from Mrs Chimp.

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