Hypergurl Paint Shop Pro Tutorial. How to place text inside a circle. This psp tutorial shows the steps required to place text within the inside of a circle.

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PSP TUTORIALS - How to place text on inside of circle

This psp tutorial is closely related to the
Text on a Circle tutorial, except it will place the text inside the circle path.


Open a new image. The size and backgound color will be your choice but for this tutorial we will use the following.

200 x 200 Pixels
White background
16 Million colors


Click on the Preset Shapes Tool and apply settings.

Shape Type = Ellipse
Retain Style = Checked
Create as Vector = Checked
Line Style = Solid




Draw out your shape.

You will notice that you now have a square outline around your shape as seen at right, with smaller boxes which are called "nodes". The nodes allow you to pull your vector shape which ever way you want.



You are now ready to add your text.

Click on your Text Tool and then place the cursor over the circles outline. Your cursor should turn into an "A" with a smile underneath, as shown right.

When this cursor shape appears, left click on your image to bring up the Text Box. Type in your required text. Make sure that Antialias and Create as Vector is Checked.

Click OK and your text will appear along the path of the circle.



You now need to invert the text so that it appears on the inside of the circle.

Click on the Vector Object Selector Tool and then "right" click on your image. This will bring up a dialogue box. At the bottom of this box, left click on Node Edit. This will hide your text and leave just the circle as shown at right.



Right click your image again. Select Edit and then click Reverse Path.


Right click on your image again and select Quit Node Editing.



Now grab the handle in the middle of the circle and pull your text into the required position.

Go to Selections || Select None and save as.

You can add a new layer and stick in a tube of your choice or complete any other editing that you require. The end result is fantastic.

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