Hypergurl HTML Tutorials IFrames. What are IFrames?Iframes are a scrolling text box where you can show content from another website or file.

Handy Tip : iframes are great to use to display content from other websites and save space on your own web page. As iframes are like a mini web page within a web page they are able to be scrolled and are very easy to setup.

Iframes - What are iframes and how do they work

Iframes are a scrolling text box that holds content from outside the webpage. This is an iframe below. You can link the iframe to show anything from anywhere on the web with the use of iframes. Read the content within the iframe for a more detailed explanation.

IFrames are a new html tag that enables you to include files from anywhere on the web, onto any particular page. IFrames act like regular frames but are not frames, therefore making them more user and search engine friendly.

I can see in future the IFrame replacing the regular frame. You are looking at an Iframe in action right here.

Iframes can be very useful in making quick changes to navigation links for those without SSI access. You have one page for your side navigation, etc, and use the Iframe for the text content.

To use Iframes on your own website, copy and paste the code below into your webpage where you want the iframe to appear.

This code can be edited to suit your needs. Here is a quick rundown on all parts that can be edited.

Change where I have http://www.yoursite.com to the website address you want to show on your page. There are numerous uses for this but most of the time this will be a page within your own site.

The width and height is what gives your Iframe its size. You will need to change where I have 400 and 300 to suit.

hspace and vspace gives you the amount of white space around your Iframe. For this example leave these as "0"

If you want a border around your Iframe change where I have frameborder="0" to 1 or 2.

Set scrolling to either yes or no, depending on if you want a scrollbar on your Iframe like I have here.

The possibilities are endless.

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