Hypergurl CSS codes and HTML codes are a couple of the most useful tools in webdesign. Here you'll find some of the best cascading stylesheet scripts and CSS Tutorials available at Hypergurl.

Summary: HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language which is the code you see if you look at a website and click on view / source in your browsers top menu bar. HTML codes make website building as easy as copy and paste into an editor. Unlike javascripts, HTML coldes don't require your visitor to have any additional addons. They simply need a browser to view your webpages.

Here are some very useful Html codes and ready made css codes to help you build your website. Simply copy and paste the html scripts to your web page design.

Free HTML codes and javascripts

What is HTML?
How to Make Frames
Drop Down Menu
ASCII Symbols
HTML Color Codes
RGB Color Chart
Redirect Visitors
Email Scripts
Choose Background
Page Anchors
Fancy Page Transitions
Fancy Text Effects
Highlight Text
Text B'ground Image
Simple Text Mouseover
Mouseover Alert Popup
Alt Tag on Text
Marquee HTML Code
HTML Music Codes

Online Generators
Over 40 online web tools to help you easily generate HTML codes for your website.

Hundreds of other free HTML codes
Free javascripts including cursors, falling objects, image rollovers and many others: HTML Codes

43 Javascript Generators
Online web tools to generate custom made copy and paste HTML codes

CSS codes and scripts
CSS codes are one of the most useful ways of adding creative content to your website. Here are a few of our favorites.

Colored Scrollbar
Custom Cursors
Custom Form Buttons
No Underline On Links
Change Text Color on M/over
Change Link Color on M/over
Overlapping Text
Introduction To CSS
Learning Basic CSS Code
Linking a Stylesheet
Importing a Stylesheet
Working with Fonts
Controlling Text Size
Applying Special Effects
Text Spacing & Alignment
Aligning, Margins & Borders
Applying Colors, Backgrounds & Positioning
Absolute & Relative Positioning
Setting Your Own .class Selector

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