Hypergurl Paint Shop Pro Snowglobe Tutorial. How to make snow globes using the PSP program. Follow our easy psp snowglobe tutorial and make snowglobes with your favorite photographs.

Handy Tip: Be creative with your photographs. For example, turning old pictures into snow globes can help bring them back to life. Making them a 'must see' again for the whole family.

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial - How to make snow globes

Make your own snowglobe with our psp snow globe tutorial.

No collection of Paint Shop Pro tutorials would be complete without a Snowglobe tutorial, so here it is.

Snowglobes are quite easy to make especially if you have the GLOBE TUBE, the BASE TUBE and the SPARKLE TUBE (download by clicking each link)

The animation is a separate tutorial and will give you a good tutorial in itself, on using Animation Shop, which is part of the Paint Shop Pro program.



Open a New Image.
300 x 300
Transparent Background
16 Million Colors


You need to make a round picture for your globe. Open an image that you want to use as the center of your Snowglobe. We will use this pic of my daughter on her first day at Kindy many years ago.

Make sure your image is about 200 x 200. Resize if necessary.


With the Selection Tool set to Circle, click in the center of the image and make a round selection.

Copy the selection to your clipboard.



Click on the New blank image to make it the active canvas.

Paste the round selection "As a New Layer" CTRL+L

Move the image up near the top of the canvas.


Now click the Toggle Layer Palette and rename Layer 2 "danni" or something that suits your image.

Now make 2 more new layers.

Name layer 3 "Sparkles" and Layer 4 "Globe".


Seeing how you have just added a New Layer called Globe, this then should be the active layer.

Now click on the Picture Tube Tool and select the Globe Tube from the drop down list.

Size the Globe Tube so that it will fit over the top of the Circle and move into place as necessary. The example here was sized to 93. You may have to play around to get a good fit.


Add a New Layer and name this Base.

Select the Base Tube from the Picture Tube Drop Down List and size it to what you made the Globe.

Position at the base of the Globe.

Go to Colors || Colorize and slide the Hue to a color that suits your globe coloring.

Please follow the link below to continue the snowglobe tutorial.

Click here for part 2

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