Hypergurl Acronym generator. Use this website tool to create an acronym list table from your name or any other word.

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Acronym generator - website tool

Here is a fun generator that makes a list table of acronyms from you name (popular) or any other text. Simply type in your name, choose a text, background and border color and it creates a table like the one to the right using the word: Hypergurl.

A popular use for this website tool on MySpace is to use it for finding your hidden personality traits from the letters of your name. Once you've generated the acronym list you will then be given the HTML code that you can place on your website to display the table, just like the example to the right.

Now for a bit of trivia. What is an acronym? Take the first letter of each word and you end up with an acronym. For example, IBM is an acronym for International Business Machines.

Try a few of your friends names and see what their acronym says about them ;)

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