Hypergurl Free web tools and javascript generators to help you create an Internet web site. Create menus, buttons, mouseover images, forms, css, color scrollbars, popups and HTML.

Handy Tip: Javascript generators are great web tools that help you create code for website buttons, navigation menus, flash graphics and much more. You don't need to be an expert in creating websites. Simply copy and paste the code that is created, into your HTML editor.

Free website tools and javascript generators

Over 50 free web tools and javascript generators to help you create web site menus, buttons, mouseover images, website forms, css, color scrollbars, popup windows, HTML and many more. Use these webtools and online generators to help you build your own Internet website. Fast and easy to use. There is no longer any need to edit javascript code by hand. Simply fill in your details, then copy and paste the code that is generated into your website.

MISC Web Tools

HTML Generator
Creat a website easily with this online HTML generator. Makes webpage coding as easy as filling in a form.

Robots Text
You'll never have trouble generating robots.txt files again. Make sure search engine spiders list your site as you intend.

Preload Images
Use this website tool to generate code for preloading your images.

Overlapping Text web site tool
Overlapping text has never been this easy. Simply type in the text and create the code.

Color Match Tool
Very handy web site design tool that helps you choose a color combination for your site.

Acronym Generator
Make a fun acronym table of meanings from the letters of your name. Copy and paste the code to MySpace or your website.

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Navigation Menu Tools

Horizontal Vertical Fold Out Menu
Helps you to easily create a dynamic web site menu.

Advanced Javascript Menu
Use this web site tool to make rollover menus for your webpage.

Slide Link Drop menu
Easily make a drop down menu

Site Map Javascript Generator
Creating a sitemap so your visitors can navigate your website can be tedius but not with this online tool.

Javascript Slide Menu
Make navigation menus that slide out from the left of your webpage.

Javascript Menu Tree
This web site building tool helps you make a navigation menu tree.

Horizontal Website Menu
Create horizontal menu bars with rollover descriptions.

Colorful Drop Down Menu
Make copy and paste codes for colorful javaScript drop down menus.

Horizontal Javascript Menu
Horizontal navigation menus that look like rollover buttons.

Drop Down List / Menu Generator
This drop down menu works more like a drop down list.

Drop Down Menu with GO button
The result of this web site tool works similar to the one above, except it also has a GO button.

Sub Menu Javascript Generator
Make verticle and horizontal navigation menus with sub menus, similiar

Graphic Website Tools

Graphic Navbar
Graphic navigation bars / menus

Drop Down Menu with graphic title
Make a cool looking drop down list with an image as its background.

Advanced mouseover Navbar
Creating rollover navigation systems has never been easier.

Flash Web Site Tools

Flash Navbar
Who says you can't make a flash navigation bar ;) Numerous designs to choose from.

Flash Tooltip
Helps you make a graphic based flash tooltip that is shown when your visitor hovers over your links. Really Cool!

Flash Menu
Easily create a website menu with flash graphics to impress your visitors.

Flash Topbar
A flash navigation bar that sits along the top of each webpage.

Button Website Tools

Dynamic Javascript Buttons
A webtool that helps you create javascript mouseover buttons.

Animated Buttons
Animated buttons are a breeze with this tool. Offers many images to choose from.

Mouseover Images
Make linkable mouseover images. You first need your own pictures.

3D Buttons
Custom 3D buttons, rounded, rectangular, diamond or tabbed shapped.

Original Generators

New Window Javascript
Original Meta Tag Generator

More Web Tools

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Password Generator
Meta Tag Generator
Task Bar Message
Javascript Encrypter
HTML Scrambler
Frames Generator
Web Page Form Generator
CSS generator
Color Scrollbar
Bookmark Javascript Generator
Popup Generator
URL Encode Generator
Digg Button Generator

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