Free online games, no download. Play hundreds of popular online games including simulation games, tycoon, dirt bike, hidden object, dressup, arcade and mario bros games. Whatever your genre, you'll find it here!

Free online games

Online games are fun and easy to play! For starters there are no huge downloads required. You simply load the game in your internet browser and start playing instantly. You'll literally find hundreds of games to play here at Hypergurl for all ages, young and old, including FMX Team, Mystery Case Files, Diner Dash 3 and Tower Defense games (TD). Not to mention some of the old originals like Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog and classic arcade games like Pacman, Pinball, Space Invaders and Air Hockey.

Listed below are hundreds of free games, sorted into genres, that you can play online.

free online sim gamesFree Online Sim Games
Virtual villagers, diner dash and others.
online tycoon gamesOnline Tycoon Games
Test your entrepreneurial skills.
dirt bike gamesDirt Bike Games
All time favorites for the boys. Plenty of stunts and obstacle courses.

hidden object gamesFree Hidden Object Games
MCF, always a favorite with women!
dress up gamesDress Up Games
Have fun playing with virtual fashion and makeover dolls.
kids gamesPlay Online Kids Games
Great for keeping kids busy during the holiday season or weekends!

car racing gamesCar Racing Games
What boy doesn't like car racing? Now free to play online.
mario gamesMario Games
Just like the original and best console games, now available online!
time management gamesTime Management Games
Who'd have guessed time management could be so much fun.

war gamesPlay War Games
Shooting, fighting, strategy and TD (tower defense)
arcade gamesArcade Games
Ah never forget the old arcade games, now given a new lease on life.
scary gamesScary Games
Halloween, skulls, skeletons, ghosts and graveyards. We have them all :)

christmas gamesChristmas Games
Santas and Christmas trees to name a few of the holiday puzzles available here.
sonic gamesSonic Games
Our list wouldn't be complete without Sonic the Hedgehog.
memory gamesMemory Games
Test your memory with a stack of cards and a time limit!

Hypergurl Games - new games for you to play online!

jigsaw puzzleJigsaw Puzzle
Flamingo is our first online jigsaw puzzle with a fantasy theme. We plan on creating a series of them!
Wizard's Study
A beautiful spot the difference game with a magical theme. Challenging timed levels.

Our top list of most played games

fmx teamFMX Team
#1 for the past 12 months. FMX Team is a Freestyle motocross game.

cake shop gameCake Shop Game
A fun time management game where you run a virtual cake shop!
alex traxAlex Trax
A personal favorite! Try not to stack your bike as you overcome obstacles.

virtual villagersVirtual Villagers
Teach a tribe of virtual people the basics of survival.

mystery case files madam fateMystery Case Files Madame Fate
#1 hidden object game for 2007 & still going strong!
diner dash 3Diner Dash 3
Flo on the Go, 3rd in a series of popular Diner Dash games.

td tower defenseLord of War Tower Defense TD

Play Flash TD games online, no download required.
hidden expedition titanicHidden Expedition Titanic
Find all the listed items within a set time limit.
Play draughts game online. This Javascript game also works on an iPhone or iPad.

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