Free hidden object games to play online with no download required.

Free hidden object games

If you've been playing games for a while, you'd have no doubt seen your fair share of free hidden object games. There is no second guessing as to what this genre of gaming involves. It's obvious that hidden object games are just that, ones that require the player to find a set list of hidden objects or items, so they can advance to the next level. Such games can also be seen listed under adventure or puzzle genre's as well, depending on the style of game.

What makes these games challenging, is that they are usually timed. For example, the Big City Adventure games allow approximately 5 minutes per level for you to find all the hidden objects. A really good one, also mixes mini games between levels or includes puzzles and other game genre's amongst the fun.

Play hidden object games no download

Shown below is our list of free hidden object games that you can play here online. All games on Hypergurl are no download, in that they do not require you to download a file to your hard drive because they all run within the browser. Therefore, keep in mind you will need to return the website to play again, so go ahead and add it to your favorites now :)

You'll notice that many of our games display a 'game design plan' on the same page. Game design plans are used by game designers so they have a clear objective in mind before they start to code their actual software. Soon we'll be incorporating these design plans into our tutorials on Flash actionscript for gaming, for future developers to learn from. If you're not really into designing, no problems, just click on the game you want to play and have fun!

Iminia Dreams GameIminia Dreams

Enter the enchanted world of Iminia Dreams. Items include magical items like potions, crystals and witches pots.

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Great Garden Hunt The Great Garden Hunt

Help Sally find items spread all over her yard. 12 random items to find in each part of the garden. Only available for play here at Hypergurl.

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mystery case files madame fateMystery Case Files - Madame Fate

Voted #1 hidden object game of the year amongst gamers. Mystery Case Files Madame Fate is a game you can play for free online, set around carnivals, crystal balls, fortune tellers and magic.

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Hidden Expedition Everest game Hidden Expedition Everest Game

Hidden Expedition Everest is the second hidden object game in a series developed by Big Fish Games. Similar to all hidden object games, you are given a list of items to find within a set time limit. This one is especially playable for beginners to this game genre as many of the items appear in the same area when you start a new game.

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Hidden Expedition Titanic game Hidden Expedition Titanic Game

Hidden Expedition Titanic is the first hidden object game in a series of Hidden Expedition games. Similar to the first game, Hidden Expedition Everest, you are given a list of items to find for each level. The difference being, the world in this game is set beneath the sea, onboard the sunken ship, The Titanic.

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big city adventure game Sanfrancisco Big City Adventure Game - San Francisco

Big City Adventure games are one of the most popular series of hidden object games available to play online. This free San francisco version of Big City Adventure is a credit to the developers, Jolly Bear Games. It gives you plenty of playing levels and hours of fun.

Play Big City Adventure Game San Francisco

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