Hypergurl HTML Tutorials How to get rid of frames border. Get rid of frames scrollbar. How to add links left or top frame. Don't let links get stuck in frames.

Summary: This simple tutorial will give you the html code needed to make frames with some handy scripts for breaking free from others frames.

How to make frames

How to get rid of your frames border?

on your index.html page replace this tag:

<frameset cols=160,*>

With this one:

<frameset cols=160,* border=0 frameborder=0 framespacing=0>

How to get rid of your frames scrollbar 

On your index.html page, you need to add the "scrolling=no" tag to the "frame src" tag that has the frame you don't want to scroll, for example:

<frame src="left.html" name="leftside" scrolling=no>
<frame src="right.html" name="rightside">

How to add links to my left or top frame

To have your links on the left side or top of your frame link to a new page on the right side or bottom of your frame, you need to add this tag either to your image or text link (substitute your own information where you see red text):

<a href="newpage.html" target="rightside">text for your link</a>

Important: If you don't target the right frame or bottom frame, your links will just open up in the same frame.

Don't let links get stuck in your frames 

If you're going to make a page with frames, it is advisable to add this tag to any link that leaves your page. That way, if a visitor leaves your site through a link, they won't be stuck in your frames.


For example, if you were linking to Hypergurl from your frames page you would put this tag on your page:

<a href="
http://www.hypergurl.com" target="_blank">

Frameset with top and left hand side

Your Page</title>
<frameset cols="
<frame src="
left.html" name="left">
<frameset rows="
<frame src="
top.html" name="top">
<frame src="
right.html" name="right">
<a href="
your main page.html">Click Here</a>

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