Use this meta tag analyzer tool to check your web pages and meta tags for search engine compatibility. This free online meta tag analyzer will allow you to test whole websites or single pages.

Meta Tag Analyzer

This is a useful SEO tool in that it analyzes your web page meta tags to see how they are set up in regards to search engine guidelines. It's very useful for helping you to improve your sites search engine ranking.

This meta tag analyzer tool will help you analyze your web pages and check for search engine compatibility. It will analyze meta tags, keyword density, load time, page size, title meta tag relevancy, description meta tag relevancy and keywords meta tag relevancy. It will also display meta tags and headers returned from the web server, as well as search for keywords on the page or in images alt tag.

Simply enter the website URL that you want to analyze, then press the submit button. You may optionally choose to list a specific Spider Robot. Or if known, you can type in a Search Engine User Agent.

Check your meta tags for search engine compatibility

Step 1. Type in the website or webpage you want to analyze, then press submit.
For example: http://www.website.com or http://www.website.com/index.html

Check your meta tags?

example: http://www.host.com or http://www.host.com/index.html



User Agent * (optional)

* This can be the Search Engine spiders User Agent and override the Spider Robot from the select box. Example: Googlebot/2.1 (+http://www.googlebot.com/bot.html)

After you have viewed the results, you will be given a return link back to this Meta Tag Analyzer to test other websites and or specific pages.

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