Hypergurl DHTML Flying Text. Flying text javascript flies a message in from the right.

Summary: Here's a piece of dhtml code that will add a real zip to your web pages. Flying text onto a web page gives your site great look without the need to buy expensive software.

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Flying Text Javascript

This great DHTML script flies the text in from the top right corner of the screen once the page has been loaded. Gives your webpage a dynamic look.

The flying text script is very easy to set up on your website and the message can be fully configured as to font type, size, color, etc, and links can be used within the text string.

The flying text effect can be applied to as many text strings as you like in different places on your page, but for the best dhtml effect use it near the top of the page as your visitors will miss it if it is out of site when the page loads.

I love the flying text effect because I can give clients dynamic pages that they can easily alter without having to know the Flash program or purchase expensive software.


Copy the code below and place this into the head of your html document. There is nothing to change in this part of the flying text installation.


Place the flying text event handler into the <body> tag of your html document.


Copy and paste the code below between the <body> and </body> tags of your html document, where you wnat the flying text effect to appear on your website. Change the message, font style or any other normal html functions in this part. You can use this portion of the script for as many messages as you want.

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