Hypergurl Expanding Images Javascript. Images enlarge on mouseover. This script makes thumbnails of images and then the thumbnails enlarge to full size on mouseover.

Handy Tip: Combining an eye catching image javascript with a hyperlink can help increase click throughs to important area's of your website.

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Expanding images javascript





Here's a great way to display your images in thumbnails and enlarge them on the page on mouseover.

Simply make your images around 170 pixels by 125 pixels and the script will do the rest. In the example above we have used 5 images, yet with a little manipulation of the script you could add more or less if desired.

You will need to position the description layer to suit your page, more details below.


Step 1

Copy and paste the code below into the head of your html document. Nothing to configure in this part.

Step 2

Copy and paste the code below into your html where you want the images to appear on your page. Change the links within to your own and the image src to reflect the images that you use.

Step 3

Copy the code below and paste this below step 2 within your html source. Change the left and top pixel figures to suit the position of the text description on your page layout.

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