HTML Scripts

Free HTML scripts and codes for your your website. HTML codes and javascripts are terrific tools to help you build interesting content for your web site. For example, you can add HTML cursor codes that display falling objects such as snow or image rollovers. To use these HTML scripts, simply copy and paste them to your editor. Full instructions are included.

bullet43 Javascript Generators
Online web tools to generate custom made copy and paste HTML scripts.

bulletTrailing Cursors
Trailing cursor HTML codes are always great for special events or when you want to add a little fun to your website.

go toFlower Trailing Cursors
go toCircle Cursor
go toMessage Trailing Cursor
go toBubbles Cursor
go toExploding Cursor
go toTrailing Text Cursor
go toTrailing Clock Cursor
go toComet Trailing Cursor
go toSparkler Trailing Cursor
go toMagic Wand Cursor
go toMouse Attack Cursor
go toRising Bubbles Cursor
go toHalloween Trailing Cursor
go toSanta Trailing Cursor
go toWolf Trailing Cursor

bulletText Effects
HTML text codes are by far the most popular available here at Hypergurl.

go toFlying Text
go toExploding Links
go toFloating Text
go toFading Text
go toLink Rotation
go toMessage Slideshow
go toNeon Text
go toNews Ticker
go toMenu Message
go toShaking Text
go toScrolling Text
go toVertical Scrolling Text
go toSliding Text Message
go toHighlight Table Mouseover
go toMaking .JS Files
go toRainbow Text
go toFlashing Table Borders

go toExpanding Images

bulletMusic Javascripts
Music HTML codes and javascripts to add random music or sound mouseover to your webpage.

go toSounds on Mouseover

bulletJava Applets
Applets are always popular, especially the snow applet at Christmas time.

go toSnow Applet
go toLake Applet

bulletStatus Bar Scripts
Status bar scripts are always interesting. However keep in mind they do come and go depending on what browser your website visitor is using. ie some see them, some don't.

go toFlashing Status Message
go toText in Status Bar
go toLink Description

go toResolve Javascript Conflict

bulletOther HTML Codes
Easy to use HTML codes that don't require javascript to be installed by your browser. Page anchors, redirect, page transitions, email scripts and many others.

bulletCascading Stylesheets
Here are some ready made CSS scripts and css tutorials.

go toAdd To Favorites Popup
go to Bookmark Page
go toAlways On Top Message
go toPop Up Welcome
go toNo Right Click
go toBreak out of Frames
go toPassword Protect
go toLast Update
go toPopup on Exit
go toRandom Puns
go toRandom Quotes
go toCustom Form Buttons
go toLove Calculator
go toSearch This Page
go toPrint This Page
go toWelcome Message

bulletClocks, Calenders, Calculators
Most serious business sites have at least one. Now you can have one too!

go toClock Cursor
go toSimple Inline Calendar
go toDynamic Calendar
go toDay Born Calculator
go toCountdown
go toMortgage Calculator
go toCar Loan Calculator
go toCalorie Counter

bulletFalling Snow Scripts
Why use an applet when you use simple HTML codes to create falling objects. Here are some of our personal favorites.

go toFalling Snow
go toFalling Snow 2
go toSnow maker

bulletOnline Games
Add a few games to your website with these HTML game codes.

go toConnect 4 Game
go toOnline Typing Test

go toThumbnail Popups
go toBouncing Ball Script
go toBouncing Intro Page
go toFancy Mouseover Navigation
go toRandom Images
go toChange Image Daily
go toChange Image on Mouseover
go toExpanding Images

Important Note: Many of the free HTML codes and javascripts have been kindly emailed to us from visitors. If you see anything you consider copyrighted to yourself, please contact us. We will provide credit or to remove it. If you have a HTML script you think would go well on this page feel free to share it In return we will provide full credit and a link back to your site where the script is displayed. Thank you to all the great writers for providing the scripts for free.

All HTML codes and HTML game codes are free to use on website's but please leave credits intact. If the HTML script is copyright and you remove the credits, you may be liable to prosecution by the author. The authors and I, are not responsible for how anyone implements these scripts on websites not belonging to us.

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