Hypergurl Custom Cursor CSS Script. Place your own custom cursor on your webpage or desktop.

Handy Tip: IE 6 browser users and above can now apply a custom cursor to their webpage using a simple CSS script and a pre-made graphic which is either a .cur or .ani file.

CSS Custom Cursors

If your browser is IE6 you should see a "smiley" instead of the usual cursor on this page. Netscape and other browsers will see nothing except the default cursor. (Netscape 7.0 may now support the CSS custom cursor)

Now there's no need download those intrusive cursors that place spyware onto your computer.

You can have either a static cursor or an animated cursor.

Here's how it is done for webpages.

Copy and paste the stylesheet script below into the <head> of your html document. Change "yourimage.cur" to reflect the name of your .cur or .ani file. If your <body> tag is in upper case letters then make the stylesheet (body) the same.

Download the greensmiley.cur to you hardrive and upload this to your server. Place the cursor image into the same folder as your webpage.

You can have the image appear over a certain part of your webpage by changing where I have body in the css script to appear over other elements such as a paragraph; in this case you would have the line as such p { cursor: url{"yourimage.cur"};

Remember, the image that you use for the cursor must be either a .cur or .ani format. If you can't make your own custon cursor, I recommend Debi's Cursors where you can can find a large selection of free custom cursors.

Desktop Installation:

Step 1; Click the start button on your task bar.

Step 2: Select "Settings" then "Control Panel

Step 3: Click on the Mouse icon

Step 4: Select the "Pointers" tab

Step 5: Highlight the cursor image your want to change

Step 6: Select browse and find your custom cursor image on your hard drive

Step 7: Double click your custom cursor then click "Apply" or "OK"

Your custom cursor is now installed to your desktop.

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