Hypergurl Countdown Javascript. Countdown script for webpages that shows days left to any given event or occasion.

Handy Tip: Count down timers to any given date are great additions to your website and are easy to install. You simply need to copy and paste some javascipt code to your editor, then change the text message and date that you need to count down to.


Count Down Javascript

The countdown script will count down the days to any given event or occasion that you stipulate and when the day of the occasion occurs, the script shows a happy "whatever" day message on youre webpage. You can place as many countdowns as required on the one page.

Change the date variables and the occasion notice in the top portion of the script. Comments have been placed in the script to show where changes can be made.


Copy the code in the text box below and paste this between the <body> and </body> of your html document, where you want the countdown to appear on your webpage.



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