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Handy Tip: This clock cursor javascript works as a trailing clock cursor and is to be used on a website. Unfortunately it won't work as a desktop cursor because it is created with javascript and not graphical. Javascript cursors need a browser to work, while desktop cursors are usually created with images.

Trailing clock cursor java script.


Here is one of the best mouse clock cursor javascripts that I have yet seen. Just allow your mouse cursor to remain idle for a few seconds and you will see a clock telling the day, date and time and the hands actually move, just like a real clock. The time is called from the viewing computer.

Simply copy and paste the script between the <body> and </body> tags of your html page.

(To put the clock cursor code in Xanga, go to "Look and Feel" in your site.(located in your module) then paste the code into the space that says "Input your own Header HTML" or "Your HTML".)

There is nothing within the script to alter, if you do change anything at all it will change the co-ordinates and render the script inoperable. I will not help anyone who has tampered with the script in any way to make it work on their page.

You can change the color to suit the background of your page, if you wish, in the top section of the script . Just use the hex color number without the hash sign.

This is not only fun but is very useful. As always, if you have any trouble installing this or any other script on my site, don't hesitate to email me. I"ll be glad to help you.

This script works on webpages only and cannot be installed to desktops.



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