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Handy Tip: Adding sticky content to your real estate website such as a mortgage calculator, can help bring back visitors time and time again.

Javascript Mortgage Calculator

Here's a simple javascript that will calculate the monthly repayments of any loan. Fill in your loan details such as loan amount, annual interest rate and term of loan, hit the calculate button and the details will be displayed.

This is a great tool for a real estate website or could be easily configured to suit an auto dealer or any other site where an online mortgage calculator may be of benefit to your visitors. Try it out below!

The mortgage calculator javascript is a very easy one step installation. You can change the color of the table background to suit the theme of your site as well as the wording and given amounts. See below to get the coding and installation steps.


Repayment Mortgage Calculator
Enter Your Details & Click the Calculate Button
Loan Amount $
Annual Interest Rate %
Term of Loan Years
Number of Payments
Monthly Payment $



Copy the code in the text area below and paste this between the <body> and </body> tags where you want the Online Mortgage Calculator to appear on your webpage. Too easy!

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