Free avatar second life psd templates. Avatar Second Life, Photoshop .psd templates: head, body, clothing, shoes, tatoo, necklace and many others.

Free avatar second life psd templates

Avatar Second Life, Photoshop .psd templates: head, body, clothing, shoes, tatoo, necklace and many others.

When you first start Second Life, your avatar will come with enough hair styles, eye colors, makeup, skin tones and clothes etc to initially get you started. However, what if you want your avatar to be truly original? How do you go about creating your own graphic addons for your Second Life avatar?

Second Life templates made with Photoshop .psd files are an extemely popular way to create your own avatar. PSD files will usually work in Photoshop, GIMP, and Paintshop Pro.

Before downloading any templates, its recommended that you firstly read a pdf article on how to use them: How to use Second Life templates

Note: Many of the free downloads also have instructions included for its use.

Free Second Life template downloads:

1. Robin Wood has created some fantastic templates in numerous formats including .jpg .psd and Layered Photoshop CS2 Files with Vector Smart Objects. The non-.jpg files are all zipped and the Photoshop files include instructions for use. Templates include head, body, clothing, for example tops and skirts.

avatar template

Click here to download Robin's Second Life Templates.

2. Template textures for second life including: leather jacket, blue jeans, Hawaiian shirt, fabrics, floor tiles (checkered, stone etc), marbled glass, rusted metal, concrete, gravel and wood.

Other useful links and resources:

Hair texture tutorial.

How to make a tatoo for your Second Life avatar

Step by step tutorial on Creating Second Life avatar clothes in Photoshop.

How to make an avatar necklace.

How to make shoes for Second Life avatars: flat sandals, high heels, ankle straps.

For anything else, your sure to find it on Second Life forums.

Amazon also has some really useful guides to designing your Second Life.

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