Free Photoshop actions ATN downloads. Free Photoshop actions for photographers.

Free Photoshop actions ATN downloads

Hundreds of useful Adobe Photoshop actions

Most designers will agree that Photoshop actions are extremely useful for creating images and photograph effects quickly and efficiently. Listed below are those I've had in my favorites and thought would be great to share. For those new to Photoshop, a quick run down on what actions are and how to use them can be found on an earlier post: How to make a photo cube with actions.

Of course to use these actions, you also need the graphic software they have been created for: Adobe Photoshop.

1. Polaroid 600 Instant Film
This free Photoshop action turns any photograph into a polaroid instant film (3.5x4.2") as demonstrated below. It is compatible with Adobe Photoshop 7, CS and CS2 (PC/Mac). Webdesigners, graphic artists or scrapbooking enthusiasts will find this action useful.

example of polaroid photoshop action

Other popular actions by the same creator include:

An action for edge vignetting. Here is what this free Photoshop action does in their own words:

Lomo camera effect with vibrant colors and visible edge vignetting.

example of lomo vignetting action

2. Photo Frame Action - Photoshop action that places a simple black and white frame on your photographs as demonstrated below.

example of black and white frame action

Other popular actions from the same website include:

3. Large collection of Photoshop actions provided by deviantART.

DeviantART Photoshop actions

4. Adobe Exchange offers hundreds of action downloads including: watermarks, holga effects, gold filling, puzzle effects, lightening, comic actions, vectorize and many others.

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