How to make a photo cube using Photoshop.

How to make a photo cube with Photoshop

There are two ways to make a photo cube using Adobe Photoshop. One I like to call the quick lazy way, while the second version teaches you how to use numerous Photoshop tools such as filters, layers and 3d transform. You'll also learn a few keyboard shortcuts that will come in handy in all your Photoshop designs.

First I'll show you exactly what a photo cube is so you'll know the look you should ultimately be aiming for. Here is an example of one I created earlier:

photo cube

Lazy but easy way

The cube image above was made using a PhotoShop action called Photo Box which you can download from Turning Turnip.

What is a Photoshop action?

An Action is a recording of a sequence of events within Adobe Photoshop. Repeatitive and complexed tasks can be recorded and 'played-back' at a later point saving time and effort.

An action speeds up the time taken to design an image in Photoshop by supplying you with an automated set of actions to preload.

For example, to make an image of the photo cube shown above from scratch I would have had to use numerous layers and effects to get to the final result. This of course would take me quite a long time experimenting to get the perfect result. Opening a photo within Photoshop and applying an 'Photo Box' action on the other hand takes around 5 seconds to complete.

To install the Photo Box download, unzip the file into the following folder:
"../Adobe Photoshop/Presets/Photoshop Actions"

Note: If you have Photoshop open you will need to close and re-open for the new action to be displayed.

Now look to the right of your screen if you don't see anything that looks like the image below, press your keyboards Alt + F9 to display the action window.


Highlight the 'Photo Box' action then press the arrow on the bottom of that window that turns green.

Presto, your image should now be a photo cube. The only downside to using actions is that you see the same photo on each side of the cube.

Second Method

The second method of making a photo cube allows you to place different photos on each side of the cube.

Before following this video tutorial you need to see if you have a filter called 3Dtransform. Check this by clicking your top toolbar on Filter / Render / 3Dtransform. The last 2 versions of Photoshop doesn't come with it autmatically installed but it does have it on the installation cd under a folder called goodies. Therefore you might need to drag it into your Photoshop pluggins folder.

To start this Photoshop tutorial press the go arrow.

Summary of keyboard shortcuts shown in this tutorial:

1. Ctrl + j to create a new layer.

2. Ctrl + t to transform

3. Hold down your Ctrl button while dragging transformed sides into absolute positions.

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