Online tutorial that shows you how to make Photoshop brushes.

How to make Photoshop brushes

Photoshop CS2 Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make your own Photoshop brushes. While it specifically uses a graphic that is effective for creating edge effects, you can in fact use any graphic you like.

image for edge effect brush

The first step is to select part of the image you want to turn into a brush. Then crop the image ie. Image / Crop (along the top toolbar).

cropping result

Next choose the magic wand tool. Handy tip: If your using Photoshop CS2 you simply need to press your keyboards W key to select the magic wand tool (may also work with other versions).

Set the tolerance to 20 (might need more or less depending on your image) and select a color in your graphic. You should then see what is refered to as marching ants all along the outside of the pattern your going to make into a Photoshop brush. Press select / similar (along the top toolbar). This will ensure all the pattern is selected.

Then press your keyboards ctrl + j before turning off your background. To turn off the background you click on the eye near the background layer on the right side of your document.

Now click on edit / define brush. Name the brush and click ok. You can now use the brush freely in all your graphic creations.

For a step by step visual demonstration of this Photoshop tutorial, press the go arrow on the video below:

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