Adobe Illustrator Tutorials - How to create vector landscapes

Illustrator tutorials - How to create vector landscapes

Adobe Illustrator tutorials - how to create vector landscapes in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is no doubt the best software for creating vector-based graphics. Personally, I find them especially useful in Flash movie's where you may want to zoom a background in or out and yet at the same time, keep the quality of the graphic in tact.

Below you'll find a list of hand picked, vector landscape Illustrator tutorials.

1. Craft a Dramatic Vector Landscape Environment

This one is an intermediate Illustrator tutorial on how to create a vector landscape. It's useful if you already have a basic understanding of Illustrator tools before starting the tutorial.

vector landscape example

2. Blissful Vector Scene

Create your own vector scene from scratch with this tutorial from Spoon Graphics. Easy to follow for beginners.

vector landscape

3. How to create a textured vector landscape

Tutorial showing how to create a textured vector landscape in Adobe Illustrator. Also offers 3 free textures for download.

example of textured vector

4. Create an arctic landscape

In this tutorial you'll learn how to use shapes and gradients to create a vector arctic landscape.

vector example

5. Create a tree in Illustrator

This free pdf tutorial will take you through the steps for creating a vector tree from a photograph.

tree vector

6. How to create a landscape wallpaper

Even though this vector tutorial is for creating a desktop wallpaper, it can just as easily be used as a background in a Flash game or movie.

landscape vector

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