How to use Adobe Illustrator. Tutorial explaining how to use Illustrator tools. Free PDF files containing Adobe Illustrator tool tutorials.

Illustrator tools, how to use Adobe Illustrator

Tutorials explaining Adobe Illustrator tools and how to use them.

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular leading software programs used for the creation of vector graphics.

vector graphics

Illustrator is also used to create banners, brochures, business cards, cd labels, envelopes, letterheads and websites.

Before following along with any of the tutorials listed in this blog over the next few weeks, you'll first want to learn how to use basic tools that are available in Adobe Illustrator. The best place to start is by opening Illustrator and clicking along the top toolbar on:

Help / illustrator help / contents tab / work area / palettes, tools and menus / about the toolbox

While you have Illustrator open, it's also recommended that you have a look at the numerous templates available: File / new from template.

Browsing through the templates will help give you an idea as to what types of graphics can be created with Illustrator.

Other learning tools for beginners to Adobe Illustrator.

1. Florida Atlantic University has put together a terrific pdf file that you can download and print out explaining each Illustrator tool and pallet. It is in graphic format, with textual names pointing to each tool. This guide is useful for beginners to print out and keep close while learning how to use Illustrator.

Click here to download Illustrator tool pdf file.


2. University of Michigan has also put together a good pdf file for beginners: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator.

It is useful as a guide to getting started as it explains the workspace, basic drawing tools, changing object properties (color stroke or fill), applying colors and gradients, brushes, styles, liquify tools, layers, text and many others.

3. Students from Computer Lab Operations have created a pdf file as a quick start guide: Adobe Illustrator, A Basic Tutorial.

It is a useful guide from a students perspective and is recommended for beginners to print out and use as a tools overview.

4. For those that cannot open pdf files, an online guide to Illustrator tools can be found at: http://school.tatoland.com/illustrator/aitools.html

What makes this online tool useful is that it displays an image of all basic Illustrator tools and when you move your mouse over each one, it displays text explaining what it is and how it works.


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